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Our Mission:

To provide a high quality patient centered private ambulance service to all our customers.

Beaumont Private Ambulance

Beaumont Private Ambulance is one of only two Irish private ambulance companies who have their vehicles professionally fitted out here in Ireland, by Ireland and the UK’s leading ambulance and response vehicle builders (Wilker Group).

These vehicles are built to the highest standard. Wilker group provide emergency response vehicles to the HSE National Ambulance Service, and to the Gardai. They also provide vehicles to several of the larger Health Trusts in the UK.

Beaumont Private Ambulance VehiclesAll our ambulances are built to exceed Irish and European Standards (CEN 1789). All our vehicles have air suspension for a safer, smoother ride for our patients. All vehicles are tested, serviced and

maintained to the highest level by our Renault Trucks main supplier, Shaw Commercials. All our vehicles are tracked using the TOMTOM telematics system which not only shows the location of a vehicle, this system allows us to monitor, gearing, speed and driver attitude. For example: Speeding, harsh cornering and braking, and the use of the blue lights on the vehicle.

All vehicles are fitted with the highest standard Bridgestone tyres to ensure safety during difficult driving conditions, given our lovely Irish weather.