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Our Mission:

To provide a high quality patient centered private ambulance service to all our customers.

John Denning (Paramedic) & Kasia Zarabskea (EMT)

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Beaumont Private Ambulance is a family run private ambulance provider, with jointly over 60 years of experience in the field of pre-hospital care here in Ireland and the UK.

Founded in 2009, Beaumont Private Ambulance has grown from strength to strength.

We pride ourselves on being the best. We employ local staff in all our areas of operation countrywide. We are the only private ambulance company to additionally offer a nursing escort service to our clients. Beaumont Private Ambulance was the first private ambulance company in Ireland to achieve an International Accreditation with CHKS in the UK. This is an award for excellence in healthcare standards which we initially received in 2013. Again we received this accreditation in 2016, and we continue to work with CHKS to constantly improve our service.

CHKS is a leading provider of healthcare intelligence, and quality improvement service.